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Private Lessons

   Throughout my career in music, my private lesson teachers have always been the most supporting, influential, and demanding (in a good way!) people I've encountered. These qualities have made a lasting impact on me, and I hope to continue to carry on their great work. Private lessons are a cherished opportunity for me to evaluate and build upon each students strength and weaknesses, while cultivating a strong love for music and the bassoon. My students are so special to me- I will share all of my knowledge, tips/tricks, and love for them and bassoon both in and out of lessons. As one of my mentors always said, "you can't kick butt if your butt's getting kicked", so let's get to work!

My Philosphy

   I'll be honest, I'm an extremely competitive person. However, I strongly believe that one can't reach their full potential at any stage without a love for their instrument. My goal is to make every single student absolutely love bassoon, with all its cool quirks, and then push from there. My dream is for my students to accomplish all that they wish, and I'm dedicated to aiding them in every step of the process. I approach lessons from a holistic perspective- mental, physical, and musical training must all be working in conjunction for maximum musical achievement and for a long career. I aim for all skills learned in lessons to be applicable to other areas in students life- while I teach bassoon lessons, it's imperative to remember that I (and we as a teaching community!) am building whole people.


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