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Summer Practice Camp 2021 Registration

June 28th- August 20th, 2021 
Two week break from July 26th- August 6th

Beginning Mon & Wed 10am CT
Intermediate Mon & Wed 11am CT
Advanced Mon & Wed 12am (noon) CT

Course Level

2021 Summer Practice Camp

  • Two guided 30-minute practice sessions per week for 6 weeks starting June 28th-July 23rd, then resuming August 9th-20th

  • Sessions available for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bassoonists

  • Live online practice sessions PLUS access to videos through September

  • Visit for flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, and piano practice camps. 

Courses                         Materials


Monday 10am CT                   Morelli Weissenborn

Wednesday 10am CT             Blue Moon Bassoon Comprehensive songbook


Monday 11am CT                   Morelli Weissenborn

Wednesday 11am CT             Blue Moon Bassoon Comprehensive songbook


Monday 12pm (noon) CT        Morelli Weissenborn

Wednesday 12pm (noon) CT  Standard Repetoire Solos and Excerpts (list                                                         emailed upon registration)

Pricing and Payments

Registration and Payment due before or on Sunday June 27th

$300 Registration

$100 Current Private Students

Preferred payment methods:

Venmo: @haley-houk

(4333 are my last phone number digits in case needed for verification)

PayPal email:

Zelle email:


What if I have to miss a class or am busy during my course time?
-Whether you miss a class due to scheduling or technology,  you will have access to the video library to log on and complete each class at your convenience.


What if I can't start on the start date or marching camp starts in August?
-If you can't attend live for a class(es), it's okay!  You will have access to the video library to log on and complete each class at your convenience. 


What if I want to switch course levels?
-You may switch between course levels to fit your needs with no additional fees. Your only additional cost will be for the different materials.

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